Feature as a venue on the food trail

Taste of Thame aims to celebrate the amazing food and drink businesses on our doorstep in Thame at the same time as encouraging visitors to explore venues in the town centre and learn more about what they have to offer. This year the event will run for 1 day on 25th May 2024, 10am – 4pm.

Please note that this is NOT going to replace the previous Thame Food Festival – it will be a very different event. Instead of closing the town centre and having lots of pop-up stalls, we will be encouraging participants to explore the venues already in the town – you. On visiting these venues, they will both discover what you have to offer AND where relevant meet producers who are being showcased within venues on this day only. Alongside this there will be competitions, a ‘Buttermarket Banquet’ (outdoor seating in the Buttermarket that people can use to join together and eat, with a ‘menu’ of town-wide food options and live music), a street food market around the Town Hall, and a Raffle raising money for Thame Food bank.

Although the theme of the event is Food & Drink, you DO NOT need to be a Food or Drink business to take part. Any businesses can take part – as long as you meet the criteria outlined below

Food Venues

There are different ways you can be involved. These include:

  • Host a producer in your venue providing them with space to hold a pop-up stall that allows them to sell their produce, and possibly provide free tasters or carry out demonstrations
  • Showcases a local producer within your own menu (this could be someone you already work with, or someone new to you – allowing you to trial something on a one-off basis to see how it is received)
  • Run a demonstration
  • Run a workshop
  • Provide a ‘Menu Item’ to feature on our ‘Buttermarket Banquet’ menu
  • Another idea you have that we haven’t thought of.

What’s in it for you?

The event will:

  • introduce you to new customers who may not have visited your business before
  • the opportunity to partner with a local food producer and be introduced to new opportunities without having to go looking for them
  • feature your venue on the event’s trail map to raise the profile of your brand and allow people to find you
  • feature your venue on this website, signposting people to your own online shop/presence
  • provide social media exposure through the Taste of Thame official Social Media channels.
  • allow you to trial new menu’s/produce/offers
  • give you the opportunity to promote your own loyalty schemes
  • increase connection to other town centre businesses and help in the development of ‘one voice’ for Thame, so that the whole town’s profile is improved in the surrounding area and further afield, encouraging more visitors to the town to the benefit of all businesses

Non- Food Venues

In order to be involved as a non-food venue, the only requirement we have is that you have a space that a producer could use as a pop-up stall. These producers do not need access to a kitchen or cooking facilities. Rather they will be providing small tasters or demonstrations of how their products can be used, or what services they offer.

What’s in it for you? 

Your involvement will give you:

  • an introduction to potential new customers. This is a great way to draw people into your businesses who may not otherwise have come in to see you.
  • the opportunity to promote your business. You are welcome to ensure that there is a display of your products/information about your business for people attending the event to discover. This will help to boost the profile of your business and could encourage people to return to you at a later date. Many residents in Thame are unaware of what is on their doorstep, and this event aims to help increase their knowledge about more than just the food & drink on offer.
  • a feature venue on the event’s trail map to raise the profile of your brand and allow people to find you
  • a feature venue on this website, signposting people to your own online shop/presence

Application process If you have a town centre business and can get involved as outlined above, then you are guaranteed to be a part of the event. To determine exactly how you want to be involved the process will be as follows.

  1. Submit you application online (link will be posted below once ready) no later than 28th February 2023 – Ensure that you have read and fully agree with our Terms & Conditions of participation found below. If you have an questions please let us know by emailing us at tasteofthame@gmail.com and someone will get back to you asap.
  2. Once the detail of your involvement in the event is confirmed we will create a dedicated webpage on the events site to promote this, and follow this up with our social media campaign through April and May.
  3. Printed publicity will be available in May, including an event map that will allow participants to explore the town and find all those involved. There will also be on-street publicity including feather flags to assist with this exploration.

For returning venues ONLY please complete the form at this link

For new applicants please complete the form below

    Contact Details

    Tell us about your business

    Involvement in Taste of Thame

    Raffle: Thame Food Bank

    Promotion of the event

    Photos needed

    Please upload at least 3 images for us to use on our Website, Social Media platforms and in press releases to promote Taste of Thame. These must be labelled with your name/name of your business. They should not include any advertising material such as a banner or logo. By uploading these images you are giving us permission to use them in this way. If possible please include:

    • Inside and outside shot

    • image of staff in the venue

    • food served (if that's relevant)

    Please upload your logo

    Permissions and Ts&Cs

    Do you give us permissions to add your name to our Mailing list to share information in the run up to the event?*


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