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    Involvement in Taste of Thame

    • Food stall at Buttermarket Banquet

    • Produce stall within street market or pop-up in local business (an offer of a venue will be made by the organising team who curates the event)

    • Partnership with local business to have them feature your produce

    Raffle: Thame Food Bank

    Promotion of the event

    Photos needed

    Please upload at least 3 (previously 5) images for us to use on our Website, Social Media platforms and in press releases to promote Taste of Thame. These must be labelled with your name/name of your business. They should not include any advertising material such as a banner or logo. By uploading these images you are giving us permission to use them in this way. If possible please include:

    • finished item

    • production

    • your picture

    Please upload your logo

    Please upload your Food Hygiene certificate

    Please upload proof of Public Liability Insurance
    (this must be for a minimum of £5m)

    Please upload Level 2 Food Safety Certificate if applicable

    Confirmations, Permissions and Ts&Cs

    Please confirm that as per Natasha’s Law all pre-packaged goods you bring to Taste of Thame will have full allergen labelling


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    Do you give us permissions to share your name and contact details with other Taste of Thame participants so they can coordinate the exhibition space available directly with you?


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