Be a featured producer

A core part of the Taste of Thame event is about providing the opportunity to showcase produce local to Thame, or from producers with a strong connections to Thame.

The event will run for 1 day on 25th May 2024, 10am – 4pm.

We are keen to hear from any local producers who want to take part.

What’s in it for you?

The event will give you

  • a platform you don’t normally have to promote your produce,
  • introductions to town centre businesses who may be interested in stocking your produce,
  • the opportunity to partner with a local food business to have your produce featured as part of a special menu during the event OR to host a stall showcasing your produce (NOTE: The majority of stalls will be based within a local business or organisation in the Town Centre. There will be a small number of street-food stalls )
  • a feature on the event’s trail map to raise the profile of your brand and allow people to find you
  • a feature on this website, signposting people to your own online shop/presence
  • social media exposure through the Taste of Thame official Social Media channels.

Application criteria

  • priority will be given to businesses located within 5 miles of Thame Town Centre, or with a close connection to Thame already established. (NOTE: in circumstances where a product cannot be sourced within 5 miles of Thame, consideration will be given to applicants from outside of this radius with no guarantee of acceptance. Please contact us if you are uncertain about whether to apply)
  • spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, by rotation through categories of produce to ensure that the event is not dominated by a single type of produce. This will allow variety for those attending and ensure that a limited number of similar produce is on offer, allowing those involved to have better promotion opportunities
  • priority will be given to local producers who have not previously been featured in the event and previous inclusion in the event will not guarantee inclusion in future years.

Application process

The cost to take part is:

  • £25 for producers based in a town centre businesses.
  • £30 for producers based in Montesson Square produce market
  • £50 for stalls based in the Street Food Market around the Town Hall. (this covers the cost of a single 3m pitch. If you require a further 3 meters this will cost and addtional £25. Maximum pitch length available is 6m).

Please apply as follows:

  1. Submit you application online using the form below no later than 27th March 2024 – Ensure that you have read and fully agree with our Terms & Conditions of participation found below. If you have an questions please let us know by emailing us at and someone will get back to you asap.
  2. Once the detail of your involvement in the event is confirmed we will send you an Invoice. This must be paid promptly to confirm your inclusion with the event.
  3. On receipt of payment, we will create a dedicated webpage on the events site to promote you and follow this up with our social media campaign through April and May.

For returning producers/stall holders ONLY please complete the form at this link

For new applicants please complete the form below

    Contact Details

    Tell us about your business - to be used in creation of your webpage and in social media promotions

    Involvement in Taste of Thame

    • Food stall at Buttermarket Banquet

    • Produce stall within street market or pop-up in local business (an offer of a venue will be made by the organising team who curates the event)

    • Partnership with local business to have them feature your produce

    Raffle: Thame Food Bank

    Promotion of the event

    Photos needed

    Please upload at least 3 (previously 5) images for us to use on our Website, Social Media platforms and in press releases to promote Taste of Thame. These must be labelled with your name/name of your business. They should not include any advertising material such as a banner or logo. By uploading these images you are giving us permission to use them in this way. If possible please include:

    • finished item

    • production

    • your picture

    Please upload your logo

    Please upload your Food Hygiene certificate

    Please upload proof of Public Liability Insurance
    (this must be for a minimum of £5m)

    Please upload Level 2 Food Safety Certificate if applicable

    Confirmations, Permissions and Ts&Cs

    Please confirm that as per Natasha’s Law all pre-packaged goods you bring to Taste of Thame will have full allergen labelling


    Do you give us permissions to add your name to our Mailing list to share information in the run up to the event?


    Do you give us permissions to share your name and contact details with other Taste of Thame participants so they can coordinate the exhibition space available directly with you?


    I confirm that I have read your Terms & Conditions and am happy to abide by these (Found below the form).*

    Please sign electronically below:*

    * required fields

  • Terms & Conditions